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The artist, Mary McSweeney Painter of Ireland

The artist in the mountains of Killarney. Click Here to find out more about Mary McSweeney and her inspirations.

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| McSweeney Doe Castle, Co. Donegal

"McSweeney Doe Castle, Co. Donegal"

Canvas Giclee $250.
Image Size: 16″ x 20″. Signed & Numbered
Lithograph $70.
Image Size: 9.5″ x 13″. Signed & numbered

Item Number:

McSweeney Doe Castle Co. Donegal is located on a rock at the inlet of Sheephaven Bay and is protected by sea on three sides, and by a moat cut into the rock on the landward side. It is an impressive fortified castle and has a central tower, battlements and a defensive wall enclosing a courtyard. The tower walls are about 8 feet thick and there is a dungeon on the third level . McSweeney Doe Castle was built in the 16th century and was a stronghold of Clan Suibhne (McSweeney). Owen Roe O’Neill led the Irish Confederates from McSweeney Doe Castle in 1642 in the Wars of the three kingdoms. During the 17th century, the castle changed hands a number of times, and was taken by the English hands. The castle is now a National Monument. My McSweeney ancestors travelled down to Munster as Galloglass soldiers to fight with various Kerry and west Cork chieftains including the Battle of Kinsale .  That’s why McSweeneys are found in west/north Cork and East Kerry….nice to know I’m decended from a Galloglass soldier, looks like he met a nice Kerry woman …that’s how I’m here to paint this picture of my ansesteral castle.

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