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The artist, Mary McSweeney Painter of Ireland

The artist in the mountains of Killarney. Click Here to find out more about Mary McSweeney and her inspirations.

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The Vero Beach Museum of Art houses regional, state, and national art exhibits and includes a sculpture garden. The Vero Beach Museum of Art is the principal cultural facility of its kind on Florida’s Treasure Coast.

Vero Beach Art Club INC. was formed in 1936 and is an independent, non-profit organization serving its members and the Vero Beach art
community through, exhibitions, education, social events, and guest artists.

Chicago Gaelic Park – Irish cultural, heritage, and athletic facility and hosts the local Gaelic Athletic Association. The center has one of the largest collections of Mary McSweeneys’s work in The United States.

Irish Arts Center – N.Y.C. Runs a regular program of classes and events in Irish music, dance, singing, theater, history, and language. Also, has regular Art Exhibitions at the center.

The Irish Cultural Center – Canton, MA – New England Cultural Center.  A collection of artwork by Mary McSweeney is on permanent exhibition at the cultural center.

Irish American Heritage Center – a non-political, non-denominational, and not-for-profit charitable organization. Mary McSweeney has donated her work annually to fundraisers for the development of the center, and her work can be seen in the gallery and in other rooms at the cultural center

Arts Foundation of Cape Cod

Cape Cod Art Association


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